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I found NcFTP to be a useful toolkit for use in scripting. Aside of a linux version, it also has precompiled binaries for Mac and Windows.

The toolkit contains different programs which are very useful for use in various scripting (such as automatic file upload/download, and more). Both regular FTP and SFTP are supported.

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You may get error 8024A000 when checking for updates with Windows Update.

If you have recently changed your partition layout (resizing) or put in a new HD, you may get this error. The solution that seemed to work in my case, is to download and install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver (I know, what has this got to do with Windows Update, right?). After installation, Windows redetects the disks and, for some reason, Windows Update suddenly comes to life again.

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It's very easy to stop the currently running backup of Windows Server Backup. Run this at a command prompt:

wbadmin stop job

You can add -quiet to disable the prompt.

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An Asterisk TAPI driver, which is actually usable on Terminal Server:

It's not freeware, but is absolutely affordable, and is usable on Terminal Server (multi-user profiles).

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Google Chrome can start up in fullscreen (F11) by default. This is done by enabling Kiosk-mode during startup. To do this, set the shortcut to Chrome like so:

C:\path\to\chrome.exe --kiosk
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Windows 7 has a an application called Sticky Notes, which does just that. The contents and layout of the stickies are stored in a single file: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt

If you wish to backup or transfer your sticky notes, this is the file you need. When restoring, simply place the file in the same location and you're done with it.

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When your DC replication has halted, check whether there's an entry in the event log: NTFRS event id 13568 (JRNL_WRAP_ERROR).

This error occurs when the DC on which this event id is generated has been powered off unexpectedly, or when the system volume was full. The error signifies that the database journal (used during replication) has been cut off, resulting in the replication being halted, which is by design.

To resolve, you can tell NtFRS to automatically repair the problem and continue with the replication by changing the value of a certain registry parameter. The parameter can be found at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameters\Backup/Restore\Process at   ...
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If the scan-to function of your networked Brother MFC mysteriously stops working, it may be because of strict firewall settings. The scanner attempts to connect to the Brother ControlCenter software on your PC via a directed UDP connection to your computer. If this is blocked at your computer (by e.g. a firewall), the scan function no longer works.

To resolve, open up port UDP 54925 in your firewall.

For Network PC-FAX, you also have to open port UDP 54926.

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When using offline files/folders, it sometimes goes very wrong, leaving the whole sync of offline files in an unusable state. I personally had problems with a lot of clients that used this feature. In theory, it works nicely, but every now and then, it's prone to go very bad.

The biggest issue is that as a user, you don't really have much control on the whole process, making it difficult to adequately resolve problems. And when it does go wrong, even what little you still can configure and change, becomes inaccessible, resulting in an offline files system that's completely dead.

Luckily, there is a way to quickly resolve the matter. With a simple registry value in the Windows Registry, you  ...
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Read here why it is not, and why you should migrate to Joomla 2.5 as soon as possible:

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An interesting read about the "rules of engagement" (or rather, lack thereof) when dealing with Joomla websites:

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Some direct links to useful Windows 2003 tools:

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Be careful when deleting a POP3-account in Apple Mail. Doing so will also remove all messages from the folders Inbox, Sent items and Trash, even if they are no longer on the server and only available offline.

To prevent this from happening, move/copy all messages to folders created inside the On My Mac section. These are folders that are kept locally and will not be affected when removing accounts. After which, you can safely remove the account.

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Because Google Apps (Gmail) automatically puts a copy of your sent items in the Sent Items folder, it's rather redundant for Outlook to do this as well. Although Google Apps prevents the creation of doubles, it's better to just let Google Apps do it, as it's one less thing to upload (particularly useful on slow connections).

To turn off the copy of sent items in Outlook, turn off the option Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder. You'll find this in the Outlook options in the Mail tab, section Save messages.

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When running dnsmasq inside a VPS on an OpenVZ server, you may get an error while trying to start up dnsmasq (this is in particular the case for Debian):Starting DNS forwarder and DHCP server: dnsmasqdnsmasq: setting capabilities failed: Operation not permitted

This is because dnsmasq does not run as root (which is a good thing). What happens is that dnsmasq gets started as root, then attempts to set privileged functions to the dnsmasq user before changing user from root to that user. When setting these capabilities fails, you get the above error.

The reason for failing is usually because either the kernel is missing the required features, or, in case of OpenVZ, the permissions are not pas  ...
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With the release of Mac OSX 10.7.5 and 10.8.2, Apple has made some changes to the X11/XQuartz implementation, effectively breaking OpenGL support in applications that use it. In particular, Wine, Crossover, and all other derivates (accept Cider).

Apple and the Wine development team are currently working on fixing the issue, but it's unlikely that the fix will come from Apple. Luckily, certain patches were already made available in the last few days, fixing the issue for at least a few versions of the Wine engine.

XQuartz, the alternative X11 for Mac, has a new release available which fixes the issue:

Wineskin has released version 2.5.8, fi  ...
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When running some RemoteApp, published from a Windows 2008R2, you may sometimes experience that the application does not start properly. In the startup window, when clicking on the Details button, you see a black window and no contents at all. The problem mainly occurs when working via internet, via a wireless network, or some other slower-than-normal link. Additionally, when your session is logged off on the RDS server, you will be able to start the RemoteApp once; subsequently restarting the application results in the above specified behaviour.

The issue is caused by the Remote Desktop Session Host display driver on the RDS server. During the initial connection, the monitor layout packe  ...
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NirnSoft has a useful tool to view, edit, import/export Outlook AutoComplete information.

It can handle all versions of Outlook that support this feature, as well as the the information stored in a message store (be it Exchange or local PST).

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Currently, Exchange/Outlook only supports client-side rules if you want to move messages to a specific folder, depending on which alias it's sent to. This means that the rule only works when Outlook is running, which is not always possible.

You can workaround the issue by creating a rule that checks for the content of the message headers. This type of rule can be created server-side and will always run when messages arrive on the Exchange server. By checking whether the alias is present in the message headers, you can easily create a rule that moves those messages to another folder.

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Two possible occurences may happen related to this error 1236: either you get the error message like so:

Got fatal error 1236: 'Client requested master to start replication from impossible position' from master when reading data from binary log

Or, no error is given and the Slave_IO_Running is returning no while the Slave_SQL_Running returns yes.

If this occurs, it may be because the master went down unexpectedly (and has since rebooted). Because of this, the slave has not received the command to switch to the next binlog file and is stuck at the previous one.

In other cases, it's possible that no error is displayed, but that the Slave_IO_Running still says no. In this case, the master   ...
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