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While at the surface, it resembles NGE a bit, the comparison stops at the looks of two of the main characters: set in a near future Tokyo, where crime is high, and the population suffers from threads of violence and oppression, not only by the various yakuza syndicates, but also the new law enforcement, whose totalitary reign scares all. However, there are changes at hand, in the form of four teenage girls. At first, hired guns for a respectable syndicate, their allegiance changes when they uncover a secret conspiracy, going all the way up to law enforcement...
A fast-paced, mecha action anime, with cute main characters: what more do you want?

Working title: Bakuretsu Tenshi (USA: Burst Ang  ...
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Probably one of the most well-known series in the anime world, NGE was the inspiration for many other anime series. An apparent simple story will unveil so much more.
A thouroughly deviced story, along with comedy, in-depth characters, and fairly mech action made this anime one of the most discussed ever.

Working title: Shinseiki Evangelion (English: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Alternative title(s): Evangelion, NGE, SSE, Eva

Release date: 1995-1996

Origin: Japan

Language: OV: Japanese

Runtime: 26 eps of approx. 23min

Genre: Mecha, Action, Dementia

Produced by: Gainax (broadcast on TV Tokyo)

Directed by: Koichi Ohata


2015 AD. The world as we   ...
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