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One of the many anticipated games of this year, is Bioshock. It is described by its creators as new and unique experience in its genre.
It's set at the bottom of the ocean where the only way to survive is to use everything at your disposal, including genetic alteration to make your own body into a deadly weapon.

Title: Bioshock

Release date: August 2007

Developed by: 2K Games

Genre: FPS


Mid-atlantic, 1960, the airliner you're on crashes into icy waters. By luck, you managed to survive the crash, and among the wreckage you see a towering light house. Inside, you discover a rusty bathysphere, descending into Rapture, a city, built by a man with a  ...
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Did a test on two DL380 G5 controllers to check out the difference between having a battery or not on a P400 SAS RAID controller. The results are remarkable, to say the least.

Both machines are fairly identical when looking at disk configuration: both have a P400 SAS controller with an equal amount of storage, but srv1 has 512MB with battery, srv2 has 256MB without battery.

I ran a dd test of a file, and this is the output:

srv1:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=./dump.dump bs=1k count=81920008192000+0 records in8192000+0 records out8388608000 bytes (8.4 GB) copied, 48.282 seconds, 174 MB/s

srv2:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=./dump.dump bs=1k count=51200005120000+0 records in5120000+0 recor  ...
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While at the surface, it resembles NGE a bit, the comparison stops at the looks of two of the main characters: set in a near future Tokyo, where crime is high, and the population suffers from threads of violence and oppression, not only by the various yakuza syndicates, but also the new law enforcement, whose totalitary reign scares all. However, there are changes at hand, in the form of four teenage girls. At first, hired guns for a respectable syndicate, their allegiance changes when they uncover a secret conspiracy, going all the way up to law enforcement...
A fast-paced, mecha action anime, with cute main characters: what more do you want?

Working title: Bakuretsu Tenshi (USA: Burst Ang  ...
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Lara Croft is once again back, and better before.
After the gloomy story of TRAOD (aka TR6), she returns to a more classic setting and content, while renewing the gameplay.

Title: Tomb Raider Legend (Tomb Raider 7)

Release date: April 2006

Developed by: Crystal Dynamics

Published by: Eidos

Genre: 3rd person 3D action adventure


At the age of 9, Lara Croft survived a plane crash in the Himalayas. Unfortunately, her mother did not. On her own, Lara managed a 10-day hike from the crash site to Kathmandu.
The rest of her childhood, she stayed under the care of her father Richard Croft, count of Abbingdon and archeologist. When Lara was 18, her father die  ...
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The continuation of Half-Life 2 is here... Find out what happened after the events of Half-Life 2. A must-have for all Half-Life fans...

Title: Half-Life 2: Episode One (aka: Half-Life Aftermath)

Release date: June 2006

Developed by: Valve

Published by: Valve

Genre: first person shooter


Half-Life 2, already been considered by many organization and reviewers as the best fps, is been continued by episodic releases. The first one, episode one, takes place right after the events of the original Half-Life 2, where the Citadel's portal has been destroyed, and the G-man (as we all came to know him) wants to return Gordon to the eternal void to wait in stas  ...
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Probably one of the most well-known series in the anime world, NGE was the inspiration for many other anime series. An apparent simple story will unveil so much more.
A thouroughly deviced story, along with comedy, in-depth characters, and fairly mech action made this anime one of the most discussed ever.

Working title: Shinseiki Evangelion (English: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Alternative title(s): Evangelion, NGE, SSE, Eva

Release date: 1995-1996

Origin: Japan

Language: OV: Japanese

Runtime: 26 eps of approx. 23min

Genre: Mecha, Action, Dementia

Produced by: Gainax (broadcast on TV Tokyo)

Directed by: Koichi Ohata


2015 AD. The world as we   ...
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Fraps is a program for Windows which allows one to take screenshots and record video from DirectDraw, Direct3D and OpenGL applications. It can also display the current framerate in 3D games, whenever, wherever.

I got to know Fraps when a friend of mine was looking for in-game videos to use in her video presentation for school. Another friend recommended Fraps.

That's the phrase to describe it.
Fraps is small and simple. It hasn't got any special advanced features. Only the basic things are included, which I find it to my liking: you don't need to study a 500-page manual before you can use Fraps; it's practically plug-n-play - in this case: install-n-play.

First of, there's the FPS counter  ...
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